John Reynolds’ second solo album includes a wide variety of original material recorded between 1988 and 2003.  The diverse and unique tracks include songwriter and soundtrack demos plus various musical experiments, and feature lots of wild guitar, electronics and effects.   Enjoy.



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Track list:

  1. Love Yourself
  2. Prayer For Iraq
  3. Thing One
  4. Thing Two
  5. Lost On Jupiter
  6. Requiem For All Martyrs
  7. Wake Up (And Go Back To Sleep)
  8. Love/Hate Relationship
  9. Hypnotized By Your Butt
  10. Sum 1 Else Theme

Music and lyrics by John Reynolds
c. Not A Tree Music (A.S.C.A.P.)

All instruments and vocals by John Reynolds except:

Vocals on Love Yourself by Annie Steinhardt and Tracy McCullough

Sum 1 Else Theme performed by Sum 1 Else.  Drums by Gerry Woodling, bass and backing vocal by Frank Preuss, announcer and FOH engineer- Pete Carlson

Recorded at the R.A.P. studio in Santa Cruz, (mid ‘90s) except:
Prayer For Iraq- recorded at Cool Blue Studio, Portland OR 2003
Sum 1 Else Theme from a cassette recorded live at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, 1988.





(c) 2003-18 Reynolds Audio Production
Portland OR