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"Most well executed...keep up the good work amigos!"
- David Was of Was (Not Was)

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back- Tom Anderson- trumpet, Monte Skillings- trombone, Tom Mulkey- drums, Aaron Flatten- bass, Todd Burba- sax
front- Tamara Garlett- vocals, John Reynolds- vocals & guitar, Tracy Thomas- vocals
photo by Miri Stebivka


back L to R: Casey McBride - percussion, Monty Skillings - trombone, Todd Burba - tenor sax,
Aaron Flatten - bass, Tom Mulkey - drums, Tom Anderson - trumpet.

front L to R: Tracy Thomas - vocals, John Reynolds - vocals/guitar, Tamara Garlett - vocals.

not pictured, but featured on recordings: Lisa Mooncat - vocals, Rachel Hrdina - keyboards



(c) 2003-18 Reynolds Audio Production
Portland OR